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WordPress websites are optimized for desktop, tablet & mobile phones.  No more zooming in to read text plus if you want to update and manage your new WordPress site yourself the WordPress Content Management System will allow you or your webmaster to make the necessary changes from any computer or any mobile device…..for more info on getting a WordPress site designed for you click here.

Anytime in the future if you want a plug in or page installed you can come back to this site and purchase any of the WordPress Add Ons.  All plugins and themes (unless purchased) are FREE but you must pay for the service to download and install them on your site.

You can still get an HTML website designed.  There are a few sites where it’s not practical for a WordPress site, but that is few and far between.  Or if you have an HTML website and you want to have it made into a WordPress site DR Web Design can do that for you too.