There are NO annoying ads on your website if hosting your site with DR Web Design (unless you want them there!!).  The only exception is if I’m designing/redesigning from another host and they require you have ads put on.



HTML Site Design….$450 (up to 25 pages)

There are a few sites where it’s not practical for a WordPress site, but that is few and far between.  I can design or redesign a website for you using HTML coding.

A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required before I start designing/redesigning.
Click on the PayPal Button below to make your non-refundable deposit of $225.00



Once the non-refundable 50% deposit is made I will contact you so you can email me the following:

1) Your logo if you have one – I do not do logos but will make you a banner/page top
2) Photos/videos etc. that you wish to have on your website
3) Any written content you would like on the pages
4) I usually use colors for backgrounds etc that are in your logo
5) Any special ideas of how you would like your new website designed or redesigned



If you have opted to do the updating and maintaining of your website yourself and in time you find that you just don’t have the time or you just simply don’t want to update the site yourself feel free to contact me and I will be glad to update and maintain the site for you.



Other items you might need to have for your website…

1) You need to have a domain name.  If you don’t already have one you can purchase one here
2) You need a host to park your new website on.  If you would like to host with DR Web Design click here
3) If you would like mantaining/updating click here

Save $$ – If you need everything including the domain name, hosting & updating
check out the I Want It All Combo Package!!!



1) Once I have all the items that you send to me I will start the initial design.  I will stay in contact with you and once I have something designed I will show you a sample for your approval.  Any changes you would like made or you just don’t like the layout etc. can be changed until you find something that you like. Once everything  is the way you like it then the final building process will begin.

2) Once your site is finished being designed or redesigned and you have given me final approval, any remaining balance is due before the site will go live.  Once it is live it will be your responsibility to submit your website to search engines.  I will add meta tags.

3) If you have your new website hosted on another server I will need the FTP username and password along with the server address so I can upload everything.

Password Protect Directory

Are you hosting with DR Web Design?

Would you like to have a Password Protect Directory on your website where members will enter their username and password to access web pages or folders from your website that regular visitors can’t get to?

You can have one username and one password for all your members or you can have each member select it for themselves.

I will set up a Password Protect Directory for you for $50.  I will add the first 5 members, show you how and where to get to the directory in your cpanel to add or remove any members usernames and passwords.

This cost is ONLY for setting up and adding the first 5 members username & passwords.  You are responsible for adding your own pages and content.