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You can get a new domain name or renew your current domain name here….

Purchase a domain here, you don’t need to have DR Web Design host it!!

The domain name is yours!!!  No hidden small print and no cheap price to draw you in and then after a year the prices go up!!

If you ever decide to transfer to another hosting company you can just transfer it and change the DNS Nameservers.

Prices are subject to change from year to year


Domain Name with NO ID PROTECT….$15 per year

You can always come back here add ID protect at any time.



Domain Name with ID PROTECT…..$25 per year

What ID Protect does for you
…keeps your information private so identity thieves can’t find you
…your contact details are not shown so it won’t get in the hands of spammers and you will have less spam
…ID Protect follows the rules set out by ICANN



Add ID PROTECT to your existing domain name….$10

Did you already purchase a domain name from DR Web Design and would like to add ID Protect?



You will be notified a few weeks when your domain name needs renewed

Domain names need hosting to be able to view it from the web.
If you are in need of hosting check out the information, prices and plans on the Hosting page.

Q:  I received something in the mail or an email that says my domain name needs renewed, why am I receiving this?

A:  It is spam, disregard it and throw it away.  If you purchased the domain name from DR Web Design your domain name renewals are done from my hosting company.  Most of those spam email or letters want $75 or so to renew.