Q:  What all consists of designing a website?
A:  You send your logo, photos, desired colors etc. so I have something to work with and I’ll design the layout.

Q:  How long does it take to get my website updated once I send you the information?
A:  I usually get it done right away if I am home or within 24 hrs.

Q:  Why do you not have your name, address, phone number or email posted on this website?
A:  Because I live alone and it is for security purposes.  With the way the internet and world are now I hope everyone understands why.  That does not mean that I will not give you my information after you contact me regarding a website.

NOTE:  I am NOT your secretary unless you want to pay me secretary wages….you should have everything you want to send me to put on your website READY for me and that includes pictures that you want on, which should be sized properly and ONLY the ones you want to put on.



Q:  What happens if I forget how much I owe on my site fees quarterly?
A:   Each client will have their own page (if they pay online) that will have the amount that is due and also the due dates and a PayPal link to pay.

Q:  When I pay my site fees am I paying the previous month or the next month?
A:  You are paying for the next month.

Q:  Do I have to pay quarterly or can I pay per month or yearly?
A:  You can pay in advance if you wish (6 mos, 1 year etc.).  All payments you make will be credited to your account.  Monthly payments are accepted but you must let me know ahead of time.

Q:  Do you send out notices when my site fees are due?
A:  Yes, I will email you at approximately 2-4 weeks with the date that your site fees are due.

Q:  Do you snail mail invoices?
A:  Yes, if you prefer to have an invoice snail mailed to you just let me know.

Q:  I prefer to not use PayPal to make my payments, do you accept checks or money orders?
A:  Yes, you may pay by check or money order.  I will give you my mailing address upon request.
Returned check fees for NSF is $35 per check.

Q:  What happens if I do not pay on time?
A:   If I get no payment and no response after 2 reminder emals by your due date, the next day (within 24 hrs) I will suspend your website until the payment PLUS the $15 late fee is paid.  Your site will only stay suspended for 5 days.  Once that is paid your site will be unsuspended asap.  Domain name renewals will not be renewed until your payment &/or late fees are paid in full.   NOTE: Please read policy page for more detail.

Q:  What if my site is suspended and I have not paid the site fees or late fees?
A:  If no payment is paid in full (after the 5 days your site was suspended) your site will be deleted and if the renewal due date of your domain name is that particular month, it will not be renewed.

Q:  What if my site is deleted and I want to get it back online because I haven’t paid my site fees and late fees on time?
A:  If you want your site back online after it has been deleted there is a $125 charge for putting it back online.  This does not include your normal site fees of hosting and updating that you would need pay in advance.


Domain Names

Q:  What happens if my domain expires? Can I still renew it?
A:  When a domain expires, you have an approximate 30 day period to renew your domain at its regular rate.
After that, your domain goes into a status called ‘Extended Redemption” where you can still renew your domain for another 30 to 40 days at an increased price. This increased cost is charged by the domain issuing authority and we have to, unfortunately, pass that cost on to you. The price in extended redemption ranges from $100 to $270. If you still choose not to renew your domain, it then goes through a short deletion period before it is opened back up to be repurchased by the general public.

Q:  Are my domain name renewal fees included in my site fees?
A: No they are not, except in certain circumstances (mainly the older sites I started years ago).  You will receive an email prior to your domain name expiration so you can renew it directly from this website.

Q:  I received something in the mail that says my domain name needs renewed, why am I receiving this?
A:  It is spam, disregard it and throw it away.  If you purchased the domain name from DR Web Design your domain name renewals are done from my hosting company.  Most of those spam email or letters want $75 or so to renew.