You should check this page from time to time to make sure you are reading the current policy!!!


Paying Late & Late Fees

…If I get no payment and no response after 2 reminder emals by your due date, the next day (within 24 hrs) I will suspend your website until the payment PLUS the $15 late fee is paid.  Your site will only stay suspended for 5 days.  Once that is paid your site will be unsuspended asap.  Domain name renewals will not be renewed until your payment &/or late fees are paid in full.   NOTE:

…If no payment is paid in full (after the 5 days your site was suspended) your site will be deleted and if the renewal due date of your domain name is that particular month, it will not be renewed.

…If you want your site back online after it has been deleted there is a $125 charge for putting it back online.  This does not include your normal site fees of hosting and updating that you would need pay in advance.

…No updates to your site will be made until your bill is paid in full.

…No site(s) will be unsuspended until your bill is paid in full.


General Info
…There are too many people that are not paying on time, I do my job when you send me stuff and I expect to
be paid on time because I have bills that need paid too.

…No refunds at any time.

…All updating to your website will be done either immediately or within 24 hrs of notifying me.
Exceptions to this are vacation etc. which you will be notified if I would not be available.

Also I am NOT your secretary unless you want to pay me secretary wages….you should have everything you
want to send me to put on your website READY for me and that includes pictures that you want on,
which should be sized properly and ONLY the ones you want to put on.

…$35 charge for all returned checks or returned from PayPal.
NOTE:  DR Web Design has the right to add more to this Policy as things arise.