Updating & Maintaining

DR Web Design is known for it’s great customer service!

It’s imperative that you keep your website up-to-date and maintained.  Your customers want to know what’s new so they will keep returning.

FOR WORDPRESS SITES: WordPress sites need regular maintenance.  It’s imperative that your WordPress website theme and plug ins are updated and maintained.  They are always coming out with new updates.

I usually update right away when you send it (if I am home) or within 24 hrs.

Updating does NOT include any redesigning.

You start up on the 12th of the month then next payment is due on the 12th of following month

NO REFUNDS for partial month cancellation!


You have the option of paying monthly or however many months you want to pay ahead of time.

Monthly Maintaining & Updating…..$20 per month



Maintaining/Updating price consists of 1-10 times per month.  If your site will need more than that please contact me for a price quote.

You will get an email reminder within 2 weeks of your due date.